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Founded in 2008, Austrian Domino Art specialises in the organisation, design and execution of innovative domino art. With its fascinating structures and spectacular effects, domino art continues to mesmerize people from all over the globe. Our extensive portfolio includes a wide variety of domino shows, advertisements and workshops.

As a full-service provider, we offer tailored domino projects: from the initial idea through to the final domino to topple. Thanks to our network of over 40 domino artists, we provide high-quality services from a single source. In total, Austrian Domino Art and partners have set up and toppled more than 3 million dominoes, including over 15 official Guinness World Records.

Whether it be for entertainment, advertisement, team workshops or any other purpose: domino art is the perfect solution when it comes to improving team work, conveying messages or simply impressing your target audience. If you are interested in a solution for your business, contact us today. We greatly look forward to working with you!


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