Domino's Pizza


We set up 7,000 dominoes for a Domino's Pizza advertisement in London, UK. Two domino artists worked for two days at the famous film production site "Pinewood Studios" near Heathrow airport. As the production took place in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, special safety requirements were in place to ensure everyone's health.

The advertisement consists of 6 different scenes, which show dominoes falling through a film set while actors, cameramen and other staff are at work. Each of the scenes airs as a 5 second ad on the British TV channel ITV. The embedded video shows the director's cut with all of the scenes forming one chain reaction.

To incorporate the brand into the chain reaction, we used custom-made dominoes that show the client's logo. Additionaly, we positioned a few pizzas as props - as everyone needs a lot of Domino's Pizza to get the job done!